14 Signs He’s Definitely Into You

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One of the toughest things to decipher is whether a guy is into you or not. You might think that he’s interested, but then he doesn’t text back and you’re left wondering what happened. Or maybe you had an amazing date with him and now it’s been three days without any contact. It can be so frustrating!

And to make matters worse, a lot of the stereotypical things you may think he should do, he might not do.

He may not be the kind of guy that texts you every day or calls you to make plans. Perhaps he doesn’t post on social media about how much he misses you or what a great time he had with you.

You can tell by the way he looks at you sometimes, though, when his eyes soften and his smile widens that there is something special between the two of you.

It might be hard to believe in any relationship these days, but this article will help shed some light on the subject with 14 signs that indicate he really likes you.

14 Signs He’s Into You

1. He Always Asks About Your Day & Listens Intently

If he’s regularly asking about how your day went and listening intently to your answer, then he’s definitely into you. He’s asking because he cares – if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t ask.

And listening to your response attentively shows that he has a genuine interest in your life and getting to know you.

2. He Has a Special Nickname For You Only

If he has a special nickname (or some cute term) that he uses only for, this is a surefire sign he’s into you.

Using a term of endearment is an expression of affection, and as such, is something that people generally only use when they like the other person.

3. He Compliments You Often

If he compliments you often that’s a good sign that there may be something more than just friendly feelings at play here.

A guy who takes the time to compliment you on your appearance means that he’s not only paying attention to how you look, it means that he likes what he sees and he’s not shy to admit it.

4. His Eyes Light Up When He Sees You

It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul so if you want to know if a guy is into you, pay attention to his eyes.

We communicate a lot with our eyes – just think about what it indicates when someone rolls their eyes at you. They don’t have to say a word, you know exactly what they’re communicating.

When a guy is into you, you’ll notice his eyes sparkle when looks at you. It’s almost like there’s a little light that shines brighter when he’s with you and when you see it, you’ll know.

5. He’s Interested in Getting to Know Your Friends & Family

If he’s interested in getting to know your friends and family, it means that he wants the opportunity to get closer to you.

He knows that your friends and family are important and getting to know them can provide deeper insights into who you are, which is important to him.

He also knows how important your friends and family are to you, so his wanting to build a relationship with them shows that cares and values you and sees a future together.

6. He Gives You His Full Attention

If he gives you his full attention when you’re together and doesn’t look at his phone, around the room, or at other people, this is a good sign that he likes you.

When you’re truly interested in someone, you don’t get distracted by everything else that’s going on because there’s nothing more important than what the person in front of you is saying.

7. He Doesn’t Keep You Waiting for a Text Reply

Don’t be concerned if he doesn’t always text you back immediately. This is actually a good thing and it means that he’s not coming on too strong!

Having said that, when a guy is into you he won’t keep you waiting for an entire day (or even days) before he replies to your text.

He may be busy at work and unable to reply straight away, but if he’s into you he’ll either find the time to send a quick reply in his lunch break or he’ll text you when he’s finished work.

He won’t forget about your text because you’re important to him and he wants you to know that.

8. He Remembers The Little Things That Are Important to You

If he remembers little things that are important to you, like your favorite pizza toppings or your favorite band in high school, this shows that he’s paying attention to the things you tell him.

He may not be able to remember every single thing about your life that you’ve ever told him, but if he’s remembering small details that he knows are important to you, then this is a sign of him being into you.

9. He’s Genuinely Happy for You When You Succeed

When a guy is really into you he’s genuinely happy for you when you succeed.

Being genuinely happy for you is different from being proud of you. Of course, being proud is also great but being proud of someone doesn’t mean you’re not envious of them.

It can be more difficult to be truly happy versus simply being proud of them. But when a guy truly likes you, there’ll be no jealousy or competition from him – he’ll truly just want to celebrate you and your success.

10. He Wants to Spend Time Alone With You

Spending time alone together is essential for truly getting to know one another. A guy who wants to have one-on-one time with you shows that he’s interested in getting to know you better and having private, deep, heart-to-heart conversations.

It’s a good sign that he values your company and doesn’t always feel the need to have his buddies with him, either as a safety blanket or to ensure he has a good time.

11. He Shares Personal Stories About Himself

This is one of the biggest signs he’s into you. Sharing personal stories and experiences with someone else, especially when those are intimate or emotional in nature, requires an openness and vulnerability that is generally only reserved for those we feel strongly about.

12. He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

While one-on-one time is important, a guy inviting you to meet his close friends and family is a surefire sign that he’s into you.

There are two reasons why people do this – they feel comfortable enough around you to introduce you to the people who mean the most to them and they want to see what those close to them think about you.

He’s letting you into his inner circle, and that’s a big deal.

13. He Asks for Your Opinion on Things

If he asks for your opinion on things and takes what you say into consideration, it’s a great sign that he trusts and values you.

It’s also a way for him to get to know you better. If you’re out together and he asks you things like “What did you think of the movie we watched last night?” or “Do you like that dress on the mannequin?” be honest in your replies.

14. He’s Planning a Future With You

When he talks about his future, do you feature in his plans? Does he say things like “In 5 years from now, I wonder where we’ll be living?” or, if he sees an amazing travel destination advertised online, does he say “Let’s put that on our couple’s bucket list!” If so, he’s into you for sure!


The next time you find yourself wondering if the guy you like is into you or not, look for these telltale signs.

And remember, in a relationship, the most important thing to focus on is being yourself. If it’s meant to be, he’ll fall in love with you for who you are!

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