10 Signs Your Soulmate is Coming Into Your Life Soon

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It’s no secret that when you’re anxious to meet your soulmate it can seem like the wait will never end. You know the wait will be worth it, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier if there were some signs your soulmate is coming into your life soon?

Good news – there is. Learning how to recognize these signs you’re about to meet your soulmate will not only make your wait easier, it will also give you the chance to start preparing for the relationship. Meeting your soulmate is a huge life event, so it’s important you’re prepared and have taken the time to explore who you are and what you want out of a relationship before you commit to someone else.

If you’ve been waiting for your soulmate to come into your life, then keep reading to learn 10 signs your soulmate is on their way.

10 Signs Your Soulmate is Coming Into Your Life Soon

1. Your Intuition Starts to Get Stronger

One of the signs that your soulmate is coming up on you is when your intuition starts to get stronger. We all have this natural sense of intuition, but sometimes it can feel silent and unnoticeable. When you start to feel more aware and in tune with your spiritual side, then know that you’re getting close to meeting that special someone.

2. New Opportunities Will Present Themselves

One thing you’ll notice as you start to feel closer to your soulmate is that maybe there will be a new opportunity presenting itself. This might be an opportunity for a job, or an opportunity to go on a vacation somewhere exotic, or even an opportunity to meet someone new and interesting. The universe is beginning to present you with different possibilities for where your romantic journey will take you and it’s a sign of things getting closer.

3. You Start To Feel Creative and Inspired

Many people notice that as they feel closer to their soulmate, they find themselves feeling more creative and inspired. You may find yourself writing in a journal or painting. You may come up with an idea for a new project at work or start to get excited about pursuing a new creative endeavor. There’s something about feeling close to someone who shares the same values and ideals as you do that makes us want to express ourselves creatively. This is a sign that you are ready to share your gifts with someone who will appreciate them, and the universe is sending that person your way soon.

4. You’ll Start to Feel Lighter

One of the most noticeable signs that your soulmate is coming into your life soon is that you’ll start to feel a little lighter inside. You might find that some of your worries and stresses are starting to drift away into nothingness – it’s like they just don’t matter anymore. Your mood will be more positive and uplifting, and you’ll feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. This is because when the time comes to meet this person who completes us, our burdens will finally be released and we can start living in peace and contentment.

5. You Start to Put Yourself Out There More

When you’re closer to meeting your soulmate, you may notice that you start to put yourself out there more. Some people might call it a ‘confidence boost’ and while this can be true for some, the act of putting ourselves out there actually has much more to do with our intuition.

Our intuition is telling us with every ounce of its existence that when we do this, good things will happen. When we put ourselves out there more, we start to feel less self-conscious about the things we say or how we look in front of other people because now there is someone else who understands us looking right back at us.

The comfort and safety of being around our soulmate outweighs any type of insecurity that would otherwise stop us from putting ourselves out there.

6. You Feel a Sense of Peace About It

Perhaps one of the best signs your soulmate is coming is when you feel a sense of peace about it. While in the past, you may have been desperate to meet your soulmate and constantly feeling impatient about fate bringing you together, you no longer feel that way. Instead, you feel relaxed, peaceful and less burdened by the weight of everything. You have faith that all your desires are soon to be met.

7. You No Longer Feel Alone

One sign that some people may experience when their soulmate is near is the sense that they are not alone. You may start to feel a protective feeling or presence around you as if someone is always watching out for you. When we are connected with our soulmate’s energy, the feelings of love and protection they have for us can often be felt even when we are not physical with our soulmate.

8. You Stop Thinking About People From the Past

When you’re desperate to meet your soulmate, it can be normal to think about past relationships and wonder if they were “the one” and worry that you let them slip away. You may even feel tempted to contact your ex and see if you can rekindle the flame that was once there. But you fell out of love for a reason and if that person was truly your soulmate, that wouldn’t have happened.

When your soulmate is drawing near, you notice that you stop thinking about past relationships. As the anticipation builds and the moment draws nearer, you’ll stop focusing on the past and start getting excited for what’s to come. Your soulmate is the person who completes you and being with them will help you stop holding onto the past. This unique pairing of two individuals will form something greater than you’ve ever experienced before.

9. You Feel Like Something Inside You Has Shifted

Feeling like something inside you has shifted is a common sign that your soulmate is coming your way soon. When you think about the things that used to frustrate you in the past, you see them differently. You see a different person, a person who has grown and matured and learned from their mistakes.

You are comfortable and confident in who you are, and you like spending time in your own company. You’re still the same person you’ve always been deep down inside, you’re just a stronger, more vibrant version of yourself.

10. You Dream About Them

Dreaming about meeting your soulmate is normal, but when the actual meeting is getting closer you’ll begin to notice that your dreams are shifting from the physical appearance of your soulmate to how you feel when you’re in their presence. That’s because when you meet your soulmate, you’ll start to realize that physical appearance isn’t as important as you may have thought.

Looks fade, but the soulmate connection that you have will never die. Remember to remain open to the possibility that your soulmate may look different from what you’d envisioned.

Final Thoughts

There are many signs your soulmate is coming – you may experience one or many of them. The important thing is to remember that when the time is right, you will meet your soulmate. In the meantime, work on self-care and being the best possible version of yourself so that your future relationship is as fulfilling and love-filled as it can possibly be.

11 signs your soulmate is coming

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