What Is More Than Love in a Relationship?

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There are two types of people in the world: those who believe that love is all you need, and those who know it isn’t. But what is more than love in a relationship?

The truth is, while love is important, there are a few other factors that are vital for any relationship, either romantic or platonic. In this article, we’ll go over what’s crucial for any relationship that wants to go the distance. Love is definitely important, but these other factors shouldn’t be ignored!

1. Trust

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. All strong relationships are built on a foundation of trust – without it, there is nothing. And for that reason alone, trust is more important than love in a relationship.

Trust is something that is built up over time, as you’re faced with decisions that, depending on what you choose, start to build a foundation of trust. But here’s the thing about trust – it can take a long time to build but it can take seconds to break.

When it comes to trust, we’re not just talking about not cheating on your partner.

Trust means knowing that your partner will be there for you during your darkest times.

It means you can rely on them, and they can rely on you. It means you feel comfortable being your authentic self because you trust that they love you for who you truly are. It means you’re able to be vulnerable and open your heart because you trust that your partner won’t break it.

A relationship that has a solid foundation of trust is able to weather the darkest storms.

2. Communication

The ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings is vital in any relationship. But communication is a two-way street and it doesn’t just involve one person talking. Effective communication involves clearly expressing how you feel while the other person truly listens and tries to understand your point of view.

Without clear communication, it’s easy to start feeling distant and detached or angry and misunderstood. On the flip side, clear communication in a relationship allows you to resolve issues before they bubble over and cause potentially relationship-ending words to be spoken.

If you’re finding it difficult to engage in clear, calm communication with your partner, try writing down your feelings on pen and paper. Read over what you’ve written before you give it to your partner to ensure your words aren’t coming from a place of anger, rather a mindset of communicating how you feel in a calm manner.

3. Commitment

For a relationship to last the distance, commitment is essential. The ability to understand each other’s needs and the willingness to remain faithful and supportive even during the hard times are key components of any successful relationship.

It can feel easy to be committed to your romantic partner at the beginning of the relationship when everything is passionate and exciting. You wouldn’t dream of cheating on them and you can’t imagine a time where you’d think the grass is greener elsewhere.

But that initial “new relationship high” will eventually wear off. And that’s where commitment to each other comes in.

To successfully make a long-term relationship work, both parties need to have a commitment to one another which means having the ability to compromise between both partners needs/desires, being honest with each other (no secrets or lies,) showing respect, and being supportive and caring even when it’s difficult.

4. Compromise

The ability to compromise is a foundational component in any relationship. Relationships involve give and take, and the need to be flexible and find a middle ground.

The ability to compromise shows your partner that you see their happiness and contentment as just as important as your own. It shows that you understand their needs and what is important to them, and you’re willing to make some sacrifices to make your partner happy.

If you are constantly unwilling to compromise, it is a sign that your own personal happiness is always more important than that of your partner, and if that’s the case, the relationship is unlikely to last.

5. Respect

Respect is more important than love in a relationship. If you love someone but don’t respect them, they will lose value to you. And as they lose value, their happiness and feelings won’t mean as much to you, which can lead you to be unfaithful, hurtful, and untrustworthy.

Respect is a foundational part of any relationship and without it, things will start to unravel quickly.

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